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  • MAX'S - Clean Mass 2.72kg (6lb)

Max's Clean Mass 2.72kg (6lb)


These days lean size is the GO. Sure you want to grow, but you don’t want to get fat. You want a physique to show off, with muscle size and nice definition, the type of rig that looks great in a t-shirt or a tank top, in the gym or down the beach. You can’t make these sort of gains if you are dieting hard. You need quality protein to build muscle and enough good carbs to fuel growth. To get these lean gains you need to train hard and eat right. That’s where MAX’S CLEAN MASS is comes in.

The magic ratio is 2:1, two parts of our sustained release Glycoforce Carb Complex to one part of our Anabolic Protein Blend. This higher protein to carb ratio stimulates more lean muscle while restricting fat levels.

Use MAX’S CLEAN MASS after workouts and between meals to cram those extra growth nutrients into your daily meal plan and watch your gains accelerate!

  • Optimum 2:1 Ration of Carbs to Protein to maximise Clean Lean Mass gains
  • Blended protein for sustained release and longer growth window
  • Added and naturally occurring BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) – 8.7 grams per serve
  • Added Glutamine for fast recovery and reduced muscle soreness – 6.7 grams per serve
  • Sustained release GlycoForce Carb System for energy and to fuel growth
  • Clean MASS support nutrients to stimulate growth and increase energy
  • Mixes instantly and tastes amazing

Suitable For: MAX’S Clean MASS is recommended for trainers whose goal is to gain lean muscular weight without adding excess fat. It is also a great post workout formula and ideal for trainers who want to optimise recovery after hard training or sport.

Recommended Usage: Add 4 scoops to a blender or shaker with 500 ml of water or milk and mix for 30 seconds until completely dispersed. Take 1 – 2 serves per day in addition to regular meals. Dosage may be adjusted up or down based on appetite and to meet training needs.  (1 scoop = approx. 30g)

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MAX'S - Clean Mass 2.72kg (6lb)

  • Brand: MAX'S
  • Product Code: MAXCM
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