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Maxs Lab Series - Creobol - Creatine Nitric Oxide Formula
(120 Capsules)

Product Specifications

  • Increase muscle speed, strength and power.
  • Stimulate lean muscle gain.
  • Maintain optimum muscle hydration and pump.
  • Reduce lactic acid build up.
  • Creatine blend.
  • Epic pump.
  • Massive power & strength.
  • Increase blood flow.

The blend of three types of Creatine combine to maximize the absorption of MAX’S CREOBOL into the body. By combining this Creatine complex with a NO volumizing complex MAX’S have created a product not only designed to increase power and strength, but increase blood flow and push you through the important reps.
Creatine is one of the most highly researched sport supplements ever. And the overwhelming evidence indicates Creatine offers big benefits to strength and power athletes including increased energy, more strength and power, faster muscle growth and improved recovery. It's almost the ideal supplement!

However Creatine does have a few draw backs. The most widely studied form is Creatine Monohydrate. This form of Creatine is not very soluble which can lead to several issues including absorption and stomach upsets, bloating and diarrhoea. To overcome these issues manufacturers have developed a number of Creatine hybrids, or different forms of Creatine that are more soluble, have different absorption mechanisms and characteristics that are gentle to your stomach while boosting your natural creatine levels more effectively. MAX'S CREOBOL combines three different types of Creatine to give you a highly potent and bioavailable formula for maximum results.

Creatine is the most studied and effective muscle building nutrient you can legally use. It elevates cellular Creatine Phosphate and Adenosine Triphosphate (ADP) levels to allow greater explosive muscular contractions for more workout load and bigger, faster gains. MAX’S “CREABOL” supercharges Creatine’s effectiveness by combining with Nitric Oxide stimulators to maximize blood flow during workouts, plus essential Electrolytes to maintain intracellular hydration levels for optimum function.

How To Take Creobol?
1 Serving Per Day
Take 1 serving (4 Capsules) 30-60 minutes before training with water.

Who Should Take Creobol?
MAX’S CREOBOL System is recommended for trainers looking to increase muscle size, strength and power. It also assists blood flow maximum muscle pump and lactic acid removal.

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MAX'S - Creobol (120 Capsules)

  • Product Code: MLSCREO120
  • $39.99


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