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  • Max's Lab Series T-DEX RIPP'D (30 Serves)

Max's T-DEX is our next generation thermogenic fat burner designed to increase your metabolism and incinerate more body fat while keeping you mentally strong, focused and in control. Take control of your metabolism. Stay in fat burning mode all day. Reach your body composition goals with Max's T-DEX RIPP’D.

  • Supercharge your metabolism to incinerate stubborn fat.
  • Increase energy, power and strength.
  • Increase focus and intensity.
  • Control appetite and cravings.

Key Ingredients

MAX’S Advanced Fat Incineration Complex

Acetyl L-Carnitine (250mg), L-Carnitine (250mg), Dandelion Root Extract 6:1 (200mg)

MAX’S Energy, Focus & Cognition Blend

Infinergy ™ (300mg), Cocoteanol (75mg), Octopamine HCl (40mg)

Thermogenic supplements increase your metabolism for a number of hours, causing your body to burn more calories from fat. T-DEX RIPP’D contains two potent forms of Carnitine, a key component in your body’s fat burning metabolism. Carnitine helps transport fats into cells where they can be burnt for fuel, and also supports exercise output and lean muscle building. Combined with Dandelion Root Extract this complex will help you burn fat and build a lean muscular body.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (250mg) - known as ALCAR, studies show several key benefits: Orally taken ALCAR can cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and helps improve brain function, for better mood, cognition and focus Increase the effectiveness of naturally occurring testosterone Speed recovery and decrease inflammation Build muscle - particularly in older athletes

L-Carnitine (250mg) - Like ALCAR, L-Carnitine has a number of key benefits including: It shuttles fatty acids into your muscle mitochondria, which ramps up your energy production and can increase endurance, meaning you burn more fat while you train and spare muscle glycogen Increases power output and reduces lactate levels during intense exercise Increases time to exhaustion during ramp tests

Dandelion Root Extract 6:1 (200mg) - (Taraxacum Officinale) has been studied extensively and shown to demonstrate multiple beneficial effects. These include liver function support, strong antioxidant activity, and accelerated fat oxidation when combined with caffeine.

1 Serve Per Day

Take 1 serving (2 Capsules) per day with meals to maximise fat burning. Do NOT consume on an empty stomach. Can be taken before 30 - 60 minutes training to maximise fat burning during exercise.

Serving Size: 2 Capsule
Servings per container: 30

Who Should Take T-DEX RIPP’D
MAX’S T-DEX RIPP'D is ideal for athletes looking to increase athletic performance whilst burning fat and controlling appetite.

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Max's Lab Series T-DEX RIPP'D (30 Serves)

  • Brand: MAX'S
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