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  • Punch "Armadillos" Deluxe Leather Boxing Gloves

Punch "Armadillos" Deluxe Leather Boxing Gloves

TheĀ Punch Armadillo Safety GloveĀ is a heavy duty sparring competition glove used by the more serious boxers and trainers. They have a thick padded fist and thumb which allows heavy hitting with less injuries and are injected with an armadillo padding which is a high memory density technology to provide maximum impact control for your safety and protection. Having a fully attached thumb means that there is no chance of getting your thumb caught when sparring or boxing as it is in a unique position to reduce thumb and knuckle injuries. The full wrap solid velcro wrist gives plenty of support around your wrist which is extremely important especially when using a heavy glove.

When ever you wear a boxing mitt or boxing glove we highly recommend wearing a inner or wrap inside the glove at all times. These have a few different features but the most important one is that they will absorb sweat away from your hand and prevent the gloves from deteriorating. Sweat is acidic and will ruin the gloves from the inside out, the wraps or inners will prevent this. Another reason to wear them are for hand and wrist support.

Product Specifications


  • AAA Rated
  • 2nd Generation Injected Armadillo Padding - Fist and Thumb
  • Fully attached Thumbs
  • Full Wrap Solid Velcro Wrist
  • Material - Leather & Reinforced Punchtex Palms

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Punch "Armadillos" Deluxe Leather Boxing Gloves

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